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BERNINA Sewing Machines – 7 Series

Choosing your BERNINA 7 Series Sewing, Quilting and Embroidery Machine

Are you an experienced sewist looking to enjoy making some sewing projects this year?

Are you wanting to express your creativity in new directions while having some sewing fun?

At BERNINA Northland we have a comprehensive range of advanced level sewing machines to suit you.

But which sewing machine best suits your sewing style? Does your ideal sewing machine include in-the-hoop embroidery options? At BERNINA Northland we like to invest our time with you, so you get the right machine to suit your sewing style.

Come and meet the team at BERNINA Northland in-store at the Vine Street end of the Strand Arcade, Whangarei for a free hands-on demonstration of the available machines or if you live further away call us on 09 438 7654 to make an appointment or book a zoom session.

But first, read further while we have a look at the options available at BERNINA Northland within our BERNINA 7 Series Range of sewing and embroidery machines.

All machines in the BERNINA Range have solid metal construction and parts within them, so they are a durable and solid machine for you to enjoy using. The BERNINA Range of sewing machines at BERNINA Northland come with a 10-year mechanical warranty including a 5-year motor, electrical and electronic warranty PLUS two free annual services with our in-store technician from the purchase date.


Are you wanting a large throat space on your ‘forever’ sewing machine?

Do you sew regularly? Do you want an option for in-the-hoop embroidery?

Have a look at the BERNINA B740, the BERNINA B770 QE, and the BERNINA B790 PLUS from the BERNINA 7 Series


The BERNINA B740 sewing machine is perfect for the dressmaker and crafter wanting an easy to operate large sewing machine.

  • The big 10” throat space for the bigger projects gives you plenty of room to manipulate large projects.
  • The 4.3” colour touch screen makes selecting stitches and functions very easy so you can add your special touches to any garment you sew.
  • The 9mm wide stitch plate gives any of the numerous decorative stitches real impact in your projects.
  • Adaptive thread tension gives each stitch perfect tension.
  • An easy-to-use needle threader.
  • The sliding speed regulator means you can adjust the machine’s speed while stitching.
  • Needle up/down function for precise starting and stopping in seams.
  • Programable kick-back foot-control that is personalised to suit your preferences.

The BERNINA B740 sewing machine has the BIG Jumbo BERNINA bobbin with 70% more thread than standard bobbins too. With the ability to stitch at 1000 stitches per minute projects don’t take long to be stitched together. Inserting zippers while using the dual feed enabled zipper foot included with the BERNINA B740 sewing machine makes fitting zippers much easier while completing your garments with buttonholes using the automatic buttonhole function will have all buttonholes identical throughout your project.

Personally, I find the 11 possible needle positions to be one of the most helpful functions of the BERNINA B740 sewing machine as I love topstitching! Coupled with using the #10D edge-stitching foot, I can under-stitch or top-stitch perfectly at any distance from an edge by choosing which needle position I deem best for the project I’m stitching on. It’s all about the finish!


The BERNINA B770 QE is the Quilters Edition of the BERNINA 7 Series, coming with everything the BERNINA B740 offers plus the option to add the 7 series embroidery module. You can bring your unique and special touches to any project you create.

  • 10” throat space is perfect for patchwork and quilting.
  • Includes the renowned BERNINA BSR – the stitch regulator for free motion stitching at speeds up to 1000 stitches per minute.
  • 30 LED white lights illuminating your work area free-motion quilting is made easy!
  • The BERNINA Dual Feed feature gives even fabric feeding while piecing and quilting.
  • The dual feed enabled ¼” foot means the perfect patchworking seam is easily achieved.

Stitching small pieces, matching seam intersections and points for fantastic, quilted projects is a fun and rewarding activity made easy owing to the many functions provided in the BERNINA B770 QE sewing, quilting and embroidery machine.

This machine is not just for patchwork and quilting! It is perfect for all types of stitching including dressmaking, embroidery and crafting. The BERNINA B770 QE sewing, quilting and embroidery machine comes with 140 embroidery designs included, then enhance your collection by adding any design you wish via the USB port of the BERNINA B770 QE sewing, quilting and embroidery machine.

I love using the BSR for both free-motion quilting and thread painting. The ability to have a regulated stitch length makes this type of stitching much more enjoyable.


The BERNINA B790 PLUS is the star of the BERNINA 7 Series. Along with all the features and functions of the BERNINA B740 and BERNINA B770 QE, the 7 Series Embroidery Module is included as part of the BERNINA B790 PLUS sewing, quilting and embroidery machine.

  • The BERNINA B790 PLUS sewing, quilting and embroidery machine is the dream machine for many accomplished sewists and embroiderers.
  • This amazing sewing machine has 117 additional stitches that move sideways across your stitch area that are excellent for embellishing projects or using as quilting designs. You can even monogram using sideways motion alphabets. WOW!
  • Added to this, the large 7” colour touch screen makes selecting and editing stitches extremely easy while the 30 LED white lights makes seeing what you’re doing a breeze.

My favourite sewing function, only found in the BERNINA 790 PLUS sewing, quilting and embroidery machine within the BERNINA 7 Series, is the sideways motion stitching ability. No longer are you confined to the 9mm stitch width of the stitch plate!

The 7 Series Embroidery Module

  • Top quality embroidery is an important feature of the BERNINA B790 PLUS sewing, quilting and embroidery machine’s repertoire with the 7 Series Embroidery Module.
  • On screen editing is easily completed, including layering of different designs and pin-point placement accuracy.
  • Small, medium and large embroidery designs are quickly and efficiently created.

I love using embroidery in many projects using the BERNINA B790 PLUS sewing, quilting and embroidery machine, however, while I know I can walk away and leave the machine to stitch out, I rarely do as it is so fascinating to watch my embroidery designs come to fruition!

While you may begin your embroidery creations with the 332 on-board designs you can then enhance your collection by adding any design you wish via the USB port of the BERNINA B790 PLUS sewing, quilting and embroidery machine.


Come and see us in-store at BERNINA Northland to have a hands-on demonstration or click here to see the BERNINA B740 or BERNINA B770 QE or the BERNINA B790 PLUS in our on-line catalogue.

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