Machine Servicing and Repairs

Intake of machines for servicing is closing Saturday 31st October to ensure that all machines are returned before Christmas.  Nick is on leave from 21st December until 31st January 2021.

Bernina Northland proudly offers in-house machine servicing and repairs with Northland’s only BERNINA certified technician. We service and repair all brands of sewing machines and overlockers, with the only caveat being we can only source manufacturer parts for Bernina and Bernette machines.

Our goal in the Bernina Northland Service and Repair department is to have your machine running smoothly and efficiently as quickly as possible.

Proper maintenance can mean the difference between years of loving your machine or years of frustration. BERNINA recommends an annual service for all machines or approximately every 1 million stitches with the expectation that machine owners clean and oil their machine every 10-12 hours of stitching. This means if you are a power user, it is recommended to service your machine more frequently.

What we do in a full machine service:

During every full service we remove the covers and clean out all lint, fuzz, broken needle bits, pins, and every other foreign object not meant to behind the covers. We remove the old grease and oil and replace it with BERNINA oil and grease. We also perform all the service checks to make sure your machine is running smoothly. If the machine is an electronic model, we will check the firmware version, and if it requires an update, we will complete that for you (Bernina and Bernette Machines only.)

What do I need to bring with me?

Please include your power cord, foot control, the foot you are currently sewing with, and bobbin-case.  You can leave all other accessories at home. If you require your automatic button-hole foot recalibrated, please also include it as well.

How long do repairs take?

We aim to get machines ready for pickup by the owner as quickly as possible.

A basic clean and oil maintenance session with no major issues is usually completed within 5 days. A full service or a repair where there are issues or parts required may take three to four weeks, depending on workshop volume. 

If you are coming in from out of Whangarei district or absolutely cannot be without your machine while it is with us, call us and schedule an appointment (The timing of a scheduled appointment will depend on the current workload and day, but will be in line with the current wait time.)

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