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bernette ‘Sew n Go’ Series Sewing Machines

Choosing you bernette Sew n Go Sewing Machine

Are you looking to make some sewing projects this year?

Are you wanting to express your creativity and have some fun sewing?

At BERNINA Northland we have a comprehensive range of sewing machines to suit your sewing, crafting, patchwork and quilting requirements.

But which sewing machine best suits your sewing style?

Is your ideal sewing machine from our bernette Range or BERNINA Range of sewing machines? At BERNINA Northland we like to spend time with you, so you get the right machine to suit your sewing style.

Come into the store at the Vine Street end of the Strand Arcade, Whangarei to meet the BERNINA Northland team and receive a free hands-on demonstration of the bernette Sew n Go Series of sewing machines.


Which sewing machine is best for you?

Read further while we delve into the options available at BERNINA Northland within our bernette Sew n Go Series of sewing machines or click through to read further about our BERNINA Range of sewing machines.

All machines in the bernette Range of machines have solid metal construction and parts within them so they will not creep across the table while you sew! The bernette Range of sewing machines at BERNINA Northland come with a 5-year mechanical warranty including a 2-year electrical warranty PLUS a free service with our in-store technician in 12 months’ time.


Are you a beginner sewist with only occasional sewing intentions? Our price conscious sewing machines could be the answer for you.

Have a look at the bernette Sew n Go 1 and bernette Sew n Go 3

Both of these bernette Sewing Machines are mechanical machines which means there are no computerised components within the machine. The bernette Sew n Go series are superbly designed for beginner or occasional sewists with simple to read and use dial selectors for stitch options and stitch length while the machine uses preset stitch widths for optimum stitch quality

bernette Sew n Go 1

The bernette Sew n Go 1 sewing machine has 10 stitch options including the straight stitch, zigzag, blind hemming and overcasting stitches. The bernette Sew n Go 1 sewing machine also has a 4-stage buttonhole.

For beginning sewists this is an ideal sewing machine to learn your basic sewing skills on without investing a lot of money.


bernette Sew n Go 3

The bernette Sew n Go 3 sewing machine has 19 stitch options including all those in the bernette Sew n Go 1 plus stretch stitches. The bernette Sew n Go 3 sewing machine also has a needle threader to make threading the needle easier and quicker. For beginning sewists wanting to stitch on woven and stretch fabrics this is the machine to look at first.

I particularly like the simple to use operation of the bernette Sew n Go range, however you may want to consider whether their limited stitch range will also limit your future sewing aspirations.

Come and see us in-store at BERNINA Northland for a free hands-on demonstration or click through to see the bernette Sew n Go 1 or bernette Sew n Go 3 in our on-line catalogue.

Would you like to read more about other bernette sewing machines?

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