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Sewing tutorial: quilting with the B 535, B 540, B 570 QE and B 590

Presser foot # 97 is perfectly suited to patchworking. In these video instructions you will see how to attach the presser foot and align the fabric edges correctly. With the help of the BERNINA Dual Feed, the fabric is transported from above and below at the same time, which means that you will require a presser foot with the “D” designation. In this video we also show you how to adjust the presser foot to particularly thick fabric and how you can easily do free-motion quilting with the help of the BERNINA Stitch Regulator. When free-motion sewing, the stitching speed automatically adapts to the speed that the fabric is moving. Choose from: Mode 1 where the sewing machine sews continuously and mode 2 where it only sews when the fabric is moved.


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