Tutorials for NEW BERNINA 5 series

Sewing tutorial: first steps with the B 500, B 535, B 540, B 570 Q and B 590

To make getting started with your new BERNINA sewing machine particularly easy, we show you the first steps in this video tutorial – from attaching the sewing foot, winding the thread and using the bobbin, through to threading the machine correctly. This video shows details on where the thread travels, how to use the thread net (if required), and how to adjust the bobbin winder speed.

Sewing tutorial: Screen functions of the B 500, B 535, B 540, B 570 Q and B 590

In this tutorial we take a look at all the areas and functions of your sewing machine’s screen. You will see where the upper thread tension or presser foot tension is displayed and adjusted, how to enlarge the display of one area of the screen, and how to display and change the various stitches on your BERNINA sewing machine. We will also show you how the “Help” function assists you when you are unsure of something and how you can very easily reset stitches and most functions.

Sewing tutorial: changing and saving stitches with the B 535, B 540, B 570 QE and B 590

Did you know that your BERNINA sewing machine allows you to change the stitch width and length even during sewing? You have a choice when selecting a decorative stitch: If you know the number of a decorative stitch then you can input this directly, otherwise it is very easy to find the desired decorative stitch using the relevant stitch category. This video tutorial shows how easy it is. We will also show you how to mirror a stitch pattern if necessary, repeat it automatically for a certain number of repeats and then sew it. Good to know: All changes to settings for patterns and stitches are stored in the sewing machine for a short time, but can also be stored permanently.

Sewing tutorial: decorative stitches on the B 535, B 540, B 570 QE and B 590

With your BERNINA sewing machine you can quickly and easily save and then automatically sew any sequence of letters with combined decorative stitches. This video tutorial shows how it works: If offers step by step instructions on how to input the desired letters, how to change between uppercase and lowercase, make corrections to your text, as well as add decorative and sewing stitches. Your BERNINA then sews the input pattern automatically. Do you want to save your input pattern for future use? This video shows how easy this is to do and how to retrieve your saved stitch combination.

Sewing tutorial: Buttonholes with the B 535, B 540, B 570 QE and B 590

Sewing buttonholes with your BERNINA machine is child’s play and very customisable. This video shows you how to choose from a selection of buttonholes and how to set the buttonhole width and length. The slit width of the cutting gap is also very easy to change. Once the buttonhole has been programmed, you can then sew it in one pass, and repeat it as often as you want. You can also save the same buttonhole settings for future use.

Sewing tutorial: quilting with the B 535, B 540, B 570 QE and B 590

Presser foot # 97 is perfectly suited to patchworking. In these video instructions you will see how to attach the presser foot and align the fabric edges correctly. With the help of the BERNINA Dual Feed, the fabric is transported from above and below at the same time, which means that you will require a presser foot with the “D” designation. In this video we also show you how to adjust the presser foot to particularly thick fabric and how you can easily do free-motion quilting with the help of the BERNINA Stitch Regulator. When free-motion sewing, the stitching speed automatically adapts to the speed that the fabric is moving. Choose from: Mode 1 where the sewing machine sews continuously and mode 2 where it only sews when the fabric is moved.


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