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Sun Print Luminance Lake Trinket by Alison Glass

Sun Print Luminance by Alison Glass

The next iteration of Sun Print fun – lights, pastels, and darks.

Can you track print on a sundial? This fun brightly textured quilting collection will bring good vibes to your next sunny quilt design.

Alison’s thoughts on Sun Print Luminance 

The first production sample cuts of Sun Print Luminance arrived this week and they look really good!

I’m dreaming of projects with more contrast through differences in value that combine the lights and darks of Luminance with the more typical level of saturation found in many of the main Sun Print fabrics.

I really wanted to expand your options with this new palette, and I am so excited to see what you’ll come up with. Sun Print Luminance features nine designs in three colours for a total of twenty-seven fabrics in the line.

Price $32.00 per metre

Sold per 10cm increments 


Fabrics viewed on website are representative of those we stock. Please visit in-store or contact us for specific fabrics.


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