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Craft Kit with Felt Cat


Craft Kit with Felt, Accessories and Wooden Hoop, Complete DIY Easy Patterns Needlepoint Kit with all the sewing supplies, Ø 6,4 inch, Learn to sew with the cute felt kits from Kits4kids. This kit contains everything you need to sew a felt figure on fabric. Children can completely imitate the figure on the basis of the photo on the packaging and the supplied manual. The manual tells you which stitches to use. As children these days are more and more handy on digital platforms, there is also a QR code on the manual that sends them directly to the YouTube channel. There they can find a video tutorial. Craft kits with pre cut felt are suitable for children starting at the age of 12 This way they can get acquainted with different stitches and master the basics of sewing. The result is a fully finished work of art, which is already nicely framed by the included embroidery hoop! Everyone can do it! It’s a relaxing pastime that can be used for educational/therapeutic purposes, yarn of 100% cotton,

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