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Tutorials for BERNINA 790

Tutorial on the BERNINA 790: First steps

This video tutorial will show you, step-by-step, how to set-up and operate your BERNINA 790, navigate your way around the menu, use the display to configure the settings and much more. The BERNINA makers had the user in mind when ensuring the process of changing settings, attaching needle, presser-foot or stitch plate, threading or assembling embroidery hoops and embroidery modules etc. Everything can be done in a few short steps. See for yourself how easy the way to precision can be with BERNINA!

Tutorial on the BERNINA 790: Change stitch pattern

Changing, adjusting and storing stitches – with your BERNINA 790 it couldn’t be simpler. Simply select the desired stitch via the convenient display and then adjust the stitch length and width to suit your needs using the multifunction knobs. You will already see on the display what the end result will look like, giving you chance to make any last minute tweaks if required. The deco-stitch menu gives you a wide selection of pre-stored attractive stitches. Simply select a stitch via the practical touch display and the machine automatically does the rest. Even decorative stitches can be altered at will, by adjusting the stitch length or stitch density of the pattern. The configured stitches remain in temporary memory until you switch off your BERNINA 790. However, you also have the option of storing them permanently in your personal program, which means your BERNINA will be ready to go with your pre-configured information as soon as you turn it back on again.

Tutorial on the BERNINA 790: Combining letters and stitches

Your BERNINA 790 simplifies the process of sewing text for you, as you will see in this video tutorial. During this procedure, you have free scope to select between various fonts and stitches and create the most appealing of combinations to your heart’s content.

Thanks to the innovative touch display and the convenient scroll function, the in-program navigation is user-friendly and a breeze. You have control over the end result at all times, particularly with the preview function, which shows you how your combination is likely to end up looking. If you like what you see, you can also store it permanently in your personal program.

Of course, you can also add decorative stitches to your sewn-on text. A task which is, once again, made even easier with the simple menu navigation and the innovative Drag&Drop system to fine-tune the pattern precisely the way you want it.

Tutorial on the BERNINA 790: Sewing buttonholes and sewing on buttons

Who says sewing buttonholes and sewing on buttons has to be a chore? A challenge successfully conquered with the BERNINA 790. Our instructions show you how easy it is to configure the size of the buttonhole by holding the button against the display and sewing the buttonhole in a single run, how you can set-up your BERNINA 790 for buttonhole sewing in a few easy steps and how to ensure your buttonholes and buttons are placed exactly to plan.

This video tutorial will also give you the lowdown on which sewing feet you can use, plus, there is also the option of storing your configured settings permanently in the memory of your BERNINA 790, to be retrieved later at will.

Tutorial on the BERNINA 790: Sewing with the BERNINA Stitch Regulator (BSR)

Free-motion sewing and quilting is a challenge, because it requires a lot of experience to move sewn material at a constant speed when working with the feed-dogs dropped. The BERNINA stitch regulator (BSR) adapts the machine speed to the speed of the fabric when free-motion sewing and thus ensures perfectly neat and even stitches, both in straight-stitch or zigzag mode. This video will teach you how to unleash the BSR potential of your BERNINA 790 and produce outstanding products with free-motion sewing.

The BERNINA 790 gives you access to a range of BSR modes. Novice quilters will appreciate the BSR mode 2, which stops the BERNINA when the fabric is not moved. Letting you work with reassurance and full focus on your sewing piece.

Tutorial on the BERNINA 790: Sewing with Dual Feed

The BERNINA Dual Feed was developed to get perfect results, even on difficult projects with multiple layers or slippery fabrics. Our video tutorial will show you how to use the BERNINA Dual Feed, step by step. It feeds fabric through from the top and bottom at the same time. This means the whole piece is fed through evenly, without any shifting or crumpling of the fabric – perfect for challenging quilting and patchwork projects or putting on appliques. Working with patterned fabrics that require accuracy is also effortless.

The video also tells you which presser feet you can use and how you can adjust the presser foot pressure to thick fabric layers, which can be comfortably changed on the large display.

Tutorial on the BERNINA 790: Care and cleaning

During your sewing and embroidering, a build-up of dust and textile fibers in the presser foot and hook area is inevitable. Our instructions show you how to clean your BERNINA 790 in a few easy steps, remove stubborn fibers and dust with the supplied care set and ensure continued smooth running by applying a few drops of oil.

It isn’t hard to see how much thought went into making the BERNINA as user-friendly as possible: All parts which need to be cleaned and maintained are easily accessible, allowing you to complete work in a jiffy. Once that’s done, your BERNINA will remain in tip-top shape, giving you the time and space to focus solely on your textile creations.


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