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Tutorials for 740 and 770 QE

Tutorial on the BERNINA 720, 740 and 770 QE: First steps

The BERNINA 720, 740 and 770 QE allow even absolute sewing novices to achieve excellent results. This video tutorial will take you through setting up your BERNINA, step by step. This ranges from threading to replacing the presser foot – all done in a few simple steps. The generously proportioned and ultra-clear touch screen with touch stylus pen also means it couldn’t be easier to change settings, such as the winding speed and selected stitches. The scroll function facilitates easier and more intuitive navigation through the program, and tips and further information on the individual functions and stitches are a click away via the Help function.

The set-up program also features numerous options for individual settings, which gives you the chance to customise the BERNINA completely in line with your own wishes and preferences – from the language setting and the display colour scheme to the sound settings.

Tutorial on the BERNINA 720, 740 and 770 QE: Change stitches

The BERNINA 720, 740 and 770 QE make sewing decorative seams fun! Simply use the touch pen to pick out your choice of stitch on the large and clear display and then adjust the width and length of the stitch with the practical multifunction knobs. The decorative stitch menu lets you select your preferred choice of stitch from numerous available options. But that’s not all – you also have plenty of extra scope to fine-tune the selected stitch to get it just the way you want it, play around with the stitch density and length of the pattern or create a mirror image. All this can be configured comfortably on your display, which also lets you preview what the modified stitch will look like beforehand.

Tutorial on the BERNINA 720, 740 and 770 QE: Combining letters and stitches

As you will see in this tutorial, sewing text is child’s play with the BERNINA 720, 740 and 770 QE, even for total beginners. Simply select a font and type in the text that you want to sew. It is particularly quick and convenient thanks to the clear display and easy handling with the touch pen stylus. Once you have decided on a stitch, you can continue configuring the entire combination until you are satisfied with the end result. To make things easier, you can also use the preview function which illustrates the combination on the display. If your creation looks the part, the combination you have input is then automatically sewn. If you want to reuse your design at a later stage, it is easy to open your personal program and store your combination permanently.

Tutorial on the BERNINA 720, 740 and 770 QE: Sewing buttonholes and sewing on buttons

Sewing buttonholes and sewing on buttons is a breeze with the BERNINA 720, 740 and 770 QE. All you have to do is choose the buttonhole you want from the menu and then configure the cutting width using the multifunction knobs. BERNINA has also included a particularly smart feature to make sure the buttonhole fits: you can hold the button against the display and then use the multifunction knobs to configure the right button size. Once the buttonhole has been programmed, use the BERNINA buttonhole foot with slide to sew the buttonholes in a single step. This can be repeated as often as you want. You can also save the data for subsequent use. Finally, the optional presser foot number 18 or 20/20C and the button-sewing program make the process of sewing on buttons just as easy.

Tutorial on the BERNINA 720, 740 and 770 QE: Sewing with the BERNINA Stitch Regulator (BSR)

Free-motion sewing and quilting – creative techniques that allow you extraordinary scope to create new designs. The BERNINA 720, 740 and 770 QE will double your sewing fun, because the BERNINA stitch regulator, or BSR for short, makes free-motion quilting child’s play. The BSR foot makes each stitch exactly the same length during free-motion sewing, resulting in a neat and even stitch pattern.

After attaching the stitch regulator, you can access configuration options via the display. Novice quilters will appreciate the BSR mode 2, which stops the BERNINA when the fabric is not moved. Letting you work with reassurance and full focus on your sewing piece.

All three models offer BSR functionality. The BERNINA 770 QE includes the BERNINA stitch regulator as an accessory on delivery, while it is an optional add-on extra for the BERNINA 720 and 740.

Tutorial on the BERNINA 740 and 770 QE: Sewing with Dual Feed

The BERNINA Dual Feed – one of the smartest and most helpful features you’ll find on the BERNINA 740 and 770 QE. In this tutorial we will show you what this clever helper can do. With simultaneous upper and lower fabric feeds, the Dual Feed allows for precise seam tracking and guarantees accurate results, even with multi-layer, extra-thick or difficult to move textiles.

The video instruction clearly shows you how to use it during patchwork or quilting work. It also shows how to successfully handle sewing work when accuracy is crucial, for example when you have to handle patterned fabrics. With multiple fabric layers, the BERNINA Dual Feed feature prevents the individual layers from shifting against each other, even with slippery or badly moving materials such as leather, viscose, silk, or elastic. You will be astounded at just how easy and convenient sewing can be with the Dual Feed.

Tutorial on the BERNINA 720, 740 and 770 QE: Sewing in zippers

Sewing in zippers is a task few look forward to. But with the technology of the BERNINA 720, 740 and 770 QE machines it can be a pleasure, as our video tutorial demonstrates. Simply select the type of fabric and the zipper from the display. The BERNINA then automatically calculates the optimal settings for the stitching and needle position. All you need to do then is to pin the zipper to the fabric, attach presser foot number 4 or 4D and follow the instructions. You have even more control over the sewing process with the needle-stop function. Sewing in the zipper is now almost as if by magic – all with the BERNINA precision you have come to know and love.

Tutorial on the BERNINA 720, 740 and 770 QE: Care and cleaning

The designers have thought of your comfort when it comes to cleaning and caring for the BERNINA 720, 740 and 770 QE. In this video tutorial, we will show you how easy it is to look after your BERNINA and ensure many years of trouble-free operation.

All parts prone to deposition of dust and textile fibres during sewing are easily accessible and can be cleaned with minimal effort using the care set provided in the delivery package. The instructions show you step-by-step how to prepare your BERNINA for the cleaning process, how to clean and care and the right place to apply a few drops of oil to ensure friction-free, smooth running of components. Simply spread the oil by running a few blank stitches through the unit – and your BERNINA is once again ready for your textile creations.


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