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Tutorial for BERNINA 3 Series

BERNINA 3 Series Tutorial: Introduction

Our BERNINA 3 Series tutorial will guide you through your first sewing project on your BERNINA 3 Series machine. Sarah is member of the the Education team at BERNINA and shows you how to use BERNINA 3 Series machine to create your own garments with your personal style.

BERNINA 3 Series Tutorial: Machine / Sewing Setup

Watch and learn how to set up your new BERNINA 380. We show you how to connect it and how to use the Freehand system, the presser foot and the thread spool.

BERNINA 3 Series Tutorial: Darning programm / Construction

Watch and learn how to use darning programm of your BERNINA 380 sewing machine for decorative purposes as here attaching the handle to a bag. Normally the darning program is mainly used for mending but as you can see, it is able to fix fabrics in a creative way.

BERNINA 3 Series Tutorial: Buttonholes / Button sew on

This tutorial shows you how to sew buttonholes by programming your BERNINA 380 sewing machine. Even the buttons can be sewn on with the activa. This is really time-saving and no need to find handsewing tools.

BERNINA 3 Series Tutorial: Memory / Alphabets

Watch and learn how to personalize your sewing projects by name labels using the alphabet and memory of your BERNINA 380 sewing machine. The memory of the machine can store any combination of 30 stitches and letters enabling you to create your own labels.

BERNINA 3 Series Tutorial: Threading and bobbin winding with the BERNINA 335 and 325

This video shows you how to adjust thread tension, how to change stitch width and stitch length depending on your sewing project and how you can adapt the stitch balance to make your stitches look perfect. This video show you the needle stop function.

BERNINA 3 Series Tutorial: zipper

In this sewing tutorial we will use our BERNINA 380 sewing machine to sew in a zipper and attach an inner pocket to a tiny little shopping bag. You will learn how to fix the zipper before sewing it in.


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