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Embroidery tutorials for the NEW BERNINA 5 series

Embroidery tutorial: first steps with the B 500, B 535, B 540, B 570 Q and B 590

Do you want to use your BERNINA sewing machine to embroider for the first time? This video tutorial shows how easy it is: The embroidery module is attached, the stitch plate removed and a straight stitch plate inserted in its place. Practical: When switched on, your BERNINA automatically changes to embroidery mode, which allows you to set the lettering, integrated embroidery patterns and sewing patterns. This video also shows you how to use embroidery files from a USB stick, how to thread the upper and lower threads, and how to start embroidering. As the starting thread is sewn invisibly, this automatically creates a beautiful, clean embroidered result.

Embroidery tutorial: editing designs with the B 500, B 535, B 540, B 570 QE and B 590

For particularly creative embroidery, this video shows you how to add as many letters and other patterns as you want to an existing embroidery pattern. Each embroidery pattern can be selected and edited by dragging and dropping them directly onto the screen. You will also find out how to select the right embroidery frame, change the length of the connection stitches, if necessary, or embroider a multicoloured pattern in just one colour. Practical: Thanks to the new embroidery module, free-arm embroidery is possible with all embroidery frames without the need for extra devices!

Embroidery tutorial: grouping and ungrouping designs with the B 500 and B 590

The BERNINA 500 and 590 allow you to group and ungroup embroidery patterns. In this tutorial we show you how easy it is to do so and how this can benefit your embroidery work. By grouping and ungrouping embroidery patterns in different layers, you can, for example, simply delete individual patterns or change the order of embroidery pattern combinations. This function is particularly helpful with embroidered names because you can easily move individual characters to adjust the space between letters.

Embroidery tutorial: Pinpoint Placement of embroidery designs with the B 500 and B 590

Perfect placement of embroidery designs is easy with Pinpoint Placement! For the precise placement of patterns in the hoop, you have two options when using the Pinpoint Placement function: “Grid placement” or “free placement”. This video shows you how to select two points with grid placement, which determine the embroidery axes and size. Once selected, the points can easily be deleted again. Finally, check the size and position. When you start embroidering, you can see that the pattern precisely follows the last stitch of the previous pattern.

Embroidery tutorial: endless embroidery with the Mega Hoop and B 500 and B 590

The Mega Hoop is the best accessory if you wish to cut down on rehooping when embroidering borders (endless embroidery). In this video we show you how to hoop the fabric and adjust your sewing machine correctly. The embroidery pattern is automatically duplicated to suit the hoop, but you can also manually increase or decrease the number of patterns, or change the spacing between the individual pattern elements. Endless embroidery made easy!


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