Trouser Designing

November 21, 2020

with Lutterloh Pattern NZ

The tutor is Sonja from Lutterloh NZ. She decided to follow her passion and became a Dressmaker and later established a Sewing School in the Limpopo Province in South Africa . She was introduced to the Lutterloh Pattern Making System in 1993 and was so impressed with the beautiful fit, cut and style of the outfits created using the system, she began teaching her students using Lutterloh patterns.

You will start with a simple trouser pattern from the Lutterloh Pattern collection (our
Master Pattern) and show you how to apply some simple design changes. We will
supply the pattern.
You will kick-off with just changing the waists (hipsters, contoured, elasticized,
waistbands & ribbing). Then Sonja will go on and show you how to change the widths
of the legs (bootleg, wide, narrow) and to more advanced changes (inserting zips,
pockets, embroidery etc).
Full instructions to sew your Trouser and handy tips will also be provided

Trousers – Saturday 21st November, 1pm – 4.30pm                                                                                                                

Cost $50 for one session                    $10 per session secures your place in the class

Minimum numbers required to proceed is 6, Maximum number 10