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The BERNINA Northland Fabric Sale

A new normal sees us spending much of our time indoors. But take this as a challenge to improve your sewing skills. 

We believe, the art of sewing and crocheting, needle work and creating is good for the soul.  Practically, you get to create a lot useful, beautiful things for your home and even enjoy the whole process as well as learning new skills! (If your skills are a little rusty don’t forget we have sewing classes!)

Sewing is a fun and worthwhile activity that needs your creativity, patience, and focus.

There are many great reasons to sew:

  • Create your own lovely dresses and skirts.
  • You can add more pizzazz to your home by creating your own sewn items such as cushions, plushies, seat covers and curtains.
  • Make something useful like a tote, carry-on bag, laptop covers, or a beach bag ready for summertime.
  • Be your own designer. Learn to upcycle old pieces of clothing into a unique look.
  • Make something grand. Quilts and blankets are not just comfy, they also make great heirloom pieces that can showcase your family history.

Beyond relaxation, there’s an undeniable sense of accomplishment when you get to sew and work on a wide variety of beautiful fabric pieces – but you already know this right?

What creative projects do you want to start soon? Now is the perfect time to work on those ideas!

If you need new fabrics and accompanying habby we have everything you need to start sewing and more. We have something special going for Northland’s fabric and sewing enthusiasts! No longer will your machine be without fabric to sew.

We’re having a Fabric Sale
Do you find yellow dots pretty? Well, they definitely are! We have selected fabrics marked with our yellow dots that go at ½ marked price. Yellow dots are regardless of your tastes definitely in this month!

Yes, you read it right! Half-priced!

Get all of our lovely prints, colourful patterns, and fashion fabrics now- (Remember we are closed over Labour Weekend). Do note that purchases made during the sale do not accrue loyalty card stamps, and are not eligible for the Gold Card discount.

We’re open 9 am-5 pm Monday to Friday! Head on in to BERNINA Northland at Shop 32, Strand Arcade Vine St, CBD Whangarei 0110. Or visit our website

We are the home of the finest fabrics in Northland. Shop during our fabric sale! Spend less for a lot more material. So come on in, we can’t wait to see you!

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