Monday, 13th April 2020

Day 19 of Covid-19 Lockdown
Happy Easter Monday everyone. 
We are having a very quiet day today (well actually, a couple of quiet days now), however that didn’t stop us from making the latest video for our YouTube channel yesterday.
This video is for making Scrub Caps, in response to a plea from the Covid19 response team at Whangarei Hospital for caps that are easy to fit and wear, and can stand up to the rigours of hospital cleaning.  It’s a great little project, the instructions can be found below, and the video is here.  We will be collecting finished caps to pass onto the team, so please call/message/email us when you are ready and we will arrange the pickup in a suitable fashion.
Remember that we will be able to get limited supplies to you, and will be processing orders on Tuesday, so again, call/message/email us if you need sewing or yarn goodies, and we will work out a plan to get them to you.
Have a blessed rest of the long weekend.


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